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As for: 21.06.2022

Comparative calculation with selected insurers (similar benefits) as of 20.06.2022, exemplary for a single person, age of policyholder 36 years, without deductible, daily notice period, annual payment method, 0 claims in the last 3 years. Rates may differ in other individual benefit features.

  • Damage abroad

  • Key loss

  • Animals

  • Damages of rented property

  • Passive legal protection

Optional coverage extensions

Want to make sure you are extra safe? Try out our "Rented Vehicles" and "Family" additional coverages.

Partner and children

Extension of the insurance coverage to the persons living in a domestic community

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Rented vehicles

Supplementary insurance for the use of third party vehicles in other European countries

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What is Private Liability Insurance?

Easy! Private Liability covers you, if you cause physical or material damages to others. Sometimes these damages can get quite costly, so just to make sure you are safe, we cover you up to 30 million euros.

You are covered in case of

Medical Injuries

Imagine you're carrying something heavy and drop it on a friend's or a stranger's foot (ouch!). If something like this should happen to you, and someone injured needs medical care, we will cover the costs up to your coverage limit.

Broken Things

Sitting in a Café and unintentionally spilled an entire cup of coffee over your neighbour's laptop? Voilà, this is a common case of "damaged things". But relax, we've got you and bear the financial claims up to your coverage.

Financial Losses

This is a little less obvious but still likely to happen: Imagine you’ve boxed in someone’s car, and this results in him or her missing a flight. This is a class “causal connection.” In this case of “financial loss” we cover the financial claims for a new ticket – and potential accommodation expenses too.

Protect your loved ones

Make sure your whole family is covered. Simply switch on coverage for your partner or kids when buying your policy.

Add toppings to your cover

Want to make sure you are extra safe? Try out our "Rented Vehicles" and "Top of the Topps" additional coverages.

Rented Vehicles

Rent or borrow cars often? We take care of the deductible if you cause damage to or with the car – including "Mallorca coverage".

Top of the Topps

This premium topping offers a "Best Performance Guarantee". This ensures you always get the best coverage available.

Check out our terms & conditions

What is covered

  • The insurance cover comprises the examination of the liability issue, the defense against unjustified claims for damages and your release from liability for justified obligations to pay damages.
  • Your insurance cover may also extend to further people, such as your spouse or life partner and your children.

The insurance covers statutory liability, e.g:

  • For damage to property owned for private purposes, rented buildings, apartments, residential premises and rooms in buildings;
  • Because of damages caused by the use of bicycles or electric bicycles that are not subject to compulsory insurance bicycles (pedelecs);
  • As an pet owner;
  • As the owner of real estate and as the builder or contractor of construction works;
  • From the loss of keys;
  • Cover is also provided for bad debt.

Coverage (topping) Rented and hired vehicles (if purchased):

  • Fully comprehensive motor vehicle insurance deductible coverage when you have an accident with a borrowed or rented vehicle.
  • Incorrect refuelling of borrowed vehicle.

Coverage (sprinkles) Top of the Topps (if purchased):

  • Damage caused by free assistance.
  • Damages caused by persons who are incapable of tort.
  • Compensation for the replacement value of items which are up too 1 year old (up to € 5,000).
  • Best Performance Guarantee.

The insured sums are specified in the insurance policy.

What is not covered?

The statutory liability is not insured, e.g:

  • Because of claims for fulfilment of contracts;
  • For personal injury resulting from the transfer of Illnesses of the insured persons;
  • From hunting as well as from unauthorized possession of weapons, or from the use of weapons for punishable offences;
  • If damage was caused intentionally;
  • For damage caused by asbestos or asbestos-containing products.

Are there any cover restrictions?

There are a number of cases in which the insurance company coverage may be limited, e.g:

  • The co-insurance of the self-employed, part-time or professional activity is only valid if the annual turnover is a maximum of € 12,000 and no employees will be employed. Handicraft, medical/healthcare and planning/construction management activities are excluded.
  • The pet owner co-insurance does not apply to dogs, horses, other riding or draught animals and wild animals with the exception of bees;
  • Compensation in the event of damage to a borrowed motor vehicle due to misfuelling is limited to € 3,000;
  • Damage to property of employers or colleagues property, the compensation shall be limited to € 5,000.

Answers to burning questions

  • Am I covered if I lose someone's key?

    Put simply: yes.
    If you lose a key that is not yours (but was entrusted to you) or if it is stolen, you are covered by your liability insurance. This applies to all keys, such as apartment keys, office keys or keys of a clubhouse.

  • What's a third party?

    Third parties are people who are not insured in your contract and make claims for damages against you or a co-insured person. So the private liability insurance covers everyday risks in your private life, which could cause damage to third parties, their stuff or finances.

  • Am I covered if my dog causes any damage?

    In general, dogs are not covered by your private liability insurance. You would need an own insurance (pet owner's liability insurance for dogs). However, if you have just gotten a dog, new risks are initially covered by the insurance, so that you won't be without any coverage for the time being. As soon as we ask or are informed about this, you will need to retroactively get a pet owner's liability insurance for your dog.

  • Is it really that easy to get coverage from Luko?

    Yes, we are serious. We have founded Luko because we ourselves were fed up with complicated language, intransparent contracts and paperwork. You can really get covered with us in just a few minutes, view your documents online 24/7 and cancel at any time. Convince yourself!