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See the list of risks you are covered for and customize your cover according to your needs. Have full peace of mind everytime you leave your flat.

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  • Fire

  • Water

  • Glass breakage

  • Bike

  • Data recovery

  • Credit card fraud

SAVE 60% 73,66€ per year 77,59€ per year 92,21€ per year 108,00€ per year 161,82€ per year 179,18€ per year As for: 21.06.2022
As for: 21.06.2022

Comparison calculation with selected insurers (similar benefits) from 20.06.2022, exemplary for a 60sqm apartment in Berlin. Age of policyholder 36 years, without deductible, daily cancellation period, annual payment, co-insured waiver of plea of gross negligence up to the insured amount, including underinsurance waiver, 0 damage in the last 3 years. Rates may differ in other individual benefit features.

  • Home and Flat Emergency Assistance

  • Private items of your household

  • Antennas & Awnings

  • Cash and other valuables (e.g. jewellery)

  • Theft on the property

  • Pets

  • Third party property

Optional coverage extensions

Want to make sure you are extra safe? Try out our "Rented Vehicles" and "Family" additional coverages.

Glass breakage

Glass breakage on panes, plates, mirrors, aquariums, terrariums, glass ceramic and induction cooktops (but not photovoltaic, or solar panels, optical glass, hollow glass, hand mirrors, dishes or displays)

Learn more

Bike Theft

Protection against theft of your bike, if it is proven that it was stolen by breaking a suitable lock

Learn more

What is Home Contents (or Household Contents) Insurance ?

Imagine your home has been turned upside down: Almost everything flying out (like furniture, clothes & electronics) is covered – up to a flexible amount, which you can adjust to your needs at any time.

You are covered in case of


A fire at home has damaged some of your clothes, furniture, and electronics for the worth of €20,000. In cases like these you are insured by us.

Water Damage

A defect in your washing machine will cause tap water to leak out and damage nearby furniture worth €2,000. Don't worry, we will protect you from the financial consequences.

Storm & Hail

During a storm, flying branches destroy your living room window. Your beloved home cinema worth €1,000 is destroyed by rainwater. But don't be too upset, we will make sure you can get a new one soon.

Burglary & Theft

Burglars enter your home and steal jewellery, your laptop and your TV. The damage amounts to €5,000. But luckily with us you're insured against this. On holidays, criminals threaten and rob you. They steal your money, your digital camera and your mobile phone that sums up to a total value of €2,000.

Add toppings to your cover

Add useful extras on top of your home contents plan to enhance the coverage even more.

Gross Negligence

Get this add-on for protection against... yourself. Or in other words: if you screw up.

This add-on covers gross negligence within the covered risks (fire, water damage, storms and burglary). It ensures that you are reimbursed up to 100% of your max. sum if an incident was initiated by you.

Note: Without the add-on it's only up to 10% of your insured sum.

Got a thing for hard facts? Take a look at our Terms & Conditions.


Like to park your bike around town? This add-on covers you up to €5,000.

Get this add-on and insure your bike, as well as that of your household members outside your home. Just choose your preferred insured sum from 500 up to 5,000 Euro and if something happens, we will reimburse you the value of your bike in new.

Want more hard facts? Read our Terms & Conditions.

Broken Glass

Broken glass brings good fortune, but is annoying if it's spread around the floor. This add-on covers glass breakage to lift your mood.

This add-on to your home contents insurance covers many glass items in your home up to the insured sum. For example these:

  • Glass furniture;
  • Building glazing (e.g. windows);
  • Glass ceramic or induction cooktops;
  • Aquariums and terrariums.

However, there are a few exceptions that are not covered. Like these:

  • optical glasses (e.g. glasses);
  • dishes;
  • solar panels;
  • Items that were already damaged when the claim was made;
  • Displays of electronic devices (e.g. televisions, laptops, smartphones).

In the event of damage, we replace destroyed items either completely or with items of the same type and quality. This also includes the costs for delivery and assembly (e.g. replacement of a window).

Got a thing for hard facts? Learn more about this add-on in our Terms & Conditions.

Check out our terms & conditions

What is covered ?

Insured are the contents of your flat.These include all things in the household serving private use (usage or consumption). These also include for example:

  • Furniture, carpets, clothing;
  • Electrical and electronic appliances (e.g. washing machine, TV set, computer);
  • Antennas and blinds belonging to your flat;
  • Cash and other valuables (e. g. jewellery) in limited amounts.

Sum Insured and Insured Value

  • The sum insured is the agreed amount, which should correspond to the insured value. If this is not the case, disadvantages can arise in the calculation of the compensation.

Insured Costs

Covered by the insurance are the necessary and actual costs incurred as a result of an insured event, such as:

  • Hotel-, transport- and storage costs;
  • Costs for provisional measures;
  • Guarding costs;
  • Costs for changing locks;
  • Repair costs for damages to the building;
  • Repair costs for damages due to moisture;
  • Clearing, movement and protection costs;
  • Damage averting and damage reducing costs;
  • Additional costs according to your insurance conditions.

Insured Losses

  • Material damage or loss of the insured property as a result of an insured event.

Insured Risks

  • Fire, lightning (including surge damages), explosion, deflagration, implosion, impact of vehicles, supersonic pressure waves, civil unrest, strikes, lockouts;
  • Burglary, robbery, vandalism after a burglary, as well as damage caused by an attempted burglary or robbery;
  • Tap water;
  • Natural hazards such as storm, hail;
  • Bike theft (if agreed upon);
  • Glass breakage (if agreed upon).

What is not covered?

Not covered items are for example:

  • Things brought in by the building owner, for which the owner bears the risk;
  • Motor vehicles of all kinds and trailers;
  • Aircrafts and watercrafts.

Are there any cover restrictions?

There are a number of cases, in which the insurance coverage may be limited. Events always excluded from the insurance coverage are:

  • War;
  • Nuclear energy;
  • Wet and dry rot;
  • Storm surge, flooding, backwater, groundwater, earthquake, ground subsidence, landslide, snow pressure, avalanches or volcanic eruption;
  • Intentionally caused damage.

Answers to burning questions

  • What items are insured?

    Our insurance covers all the items which are used or consumed by the members of your household:

    • Furniture, carpets, clothing;
    • Electric and electronic household devices;
    • Aerials and marquees which are a fixed part of the apartment;
    • Cash and valuables (e.g. jewelry) up to a certain limit;
    • Pets of breeds habitually kept in apartments (e.g. dogs, cats or birds).
  • What exactly does insured sum mean?

    The insured sum refers to the maximum value we would pay you. We suggest an estimated sum insured based on the size of your residence, but since only you know the total insurance value of your property, you should check whether our proposal suits you. The higher the sum insured, the higher your monthly premium. However, make sure not to set this value too low, otherwise you could be underinsured!

  • Where are my belongings covered?

    Your belongings (home contents) are insured in your main residence (apartment or house) and any rooms, garages, carports, loggias, balconies and terraces or studies adjacent to the building and used exclusively by members of the household. Common rooms located on the property of your main residence e.g. a laundry room or bicycle cellar or garage as well as garages as well as customer lockers at banks are included in the insured space.

  • What about my bike?

    Like any other item in your house, your bicycle is covered against the basic risks (fire, theft, water & storm) within the confinements of your home. However, the insurance does not cover your bike in any public space. For this, you may want to get the bike-add on which covers it against theft in any public space worldwide!

  • Will I be tied into a long-term contract?

    Don't worry, Luko gives you the full freedom and flexibility to cancel your policy at any time. You can always determine the length of your plan and do not have to offer a particular reason for your decision to leave. Your termination will take effect the following day.

  • Is it really that easy to get coverage from Luko?

    Yes, we are serious. We have founded Luko because we ourselves were fed up with complicated language, intransparent contracts and paperwork. You can really get covered with us in just a few minutes, view your documents online 24/7 and cancel at any time. Convince yourself!

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