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Because dogs are cute, but liability claims are not.

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What is Dog Liability Insurance?

Dog Liability is like Private Liability Insurance but for your dog. It covers you against physical or material damages your four-legged friend might cause to others. Sometimes these damages can get quite costly, so just to make sure you are safe, we cover you up to 30 million euros.

Personalize my protection
  • Medical Injuries

  • Broken things

  • Financial Loss

  • No limitation on breeds

  • Worldwide insurance coverage

  • Free puppy coverage

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Reduce the deductible from 20% to 0% for all your chosen options and save yourself from surprise costs so you can get the best care for your pet.

What is Dog Liability Insurance?

Dog Liability is like Private Liability Insurance but for your dog. It covers you against physical or material damages your four-legged friend might cause to others. Sometimes these damages can get quite costly, so just to make sure you are safe, we cover you up to 30 million euros.

You are covered in case of

Medical Injuries

It's all fun and games until someone – in this case another dog or even a stranger's kid – gets hurt by your dog. But don't worry about the financial side of claims. We've got you covered up to your insured sum.

Broken Things

Even most chilled dogs get their zoomies once in a while. So if your dog damages or destroys other people's stuff while running wild, we'll cover the damage up to your insured sum.

Financial Loss

This refers to various situations in which others (third parties) have financial loss due to your dog's misbehaviour. For example, your dog is leashed outside of a shop and scares its customers away. The owner could lose sales and may be eligible for compensation.

Add toppings to your cover

Add useful toppings on top of your dog liability base to enhance the coverage.

Rented Goods

Your dog has no clue about how much you like to borrow or rent stuff like furniture and cars. We do and cover financial claims for damages to rented goods up to 5.000 Euro.

SOS: Dog Bite

Was your dog bitten at the park? We're sure you are both in deep shock and need attention quickly. This topping covers immediate help at the vet up to 500 Euro.

Want premium pawtection?

We get it: Nothing is good enough for your best friend. Except for this premium topping, because it will meet all your dog liability needs.

Top of the Topps

You are already securely covered with your Luko Dog Liability. If you and your dog are always up for some extras, this topping is a treat.

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What is covered?

  • The insurance cover comprises the examination of the liability issue, the defense against unjustified claims for damages and your release from liability for justified obligations to pay damages.

The insurance covers statutory liability, e.g:

  • For you, members of your family and persons living with you in a domestic community, in their capacity as owner, co-owner, guardian or user of the dogs specified in the insurance policy;
  • Due to damage caused by the insured dog to buildings, flats, living quarters and rooms in buildings rented for private purposes;
  • Due to damage during participation in lessons or events as well as claims of participants and figurants arising from this;
  • For damage to buildings and floors;
  • Due to damage when walking the dogs without leash or muzzle/loop;
  • Cover for bad debt losses will also be insured.

Coverage (sprinkles) Top of the Topps (if purchased):

  • Best Performance Guarantee;
  • Exemption from contributions in case of unemployment;
  • Compensation for replacement value for items that are up to 1 year old.

Coverage (topping) SOS: Dog Bite (if purchased):

  • Immediate help if your dog is bitten by a foreign dog up to € 500.

Coverage (topping) Rented Goods (if purchased):

  • Covers liability claims due to damage to rented or borrowed items.

The insured sums are specified in the insurance policy.

What is not covered?

The statutory liability is not insured, e.g:

  • for claims of performance of contracts;
  • for personal injury resulting from the transmission of diseases of the insured persons;
  • for hunting dogs, for which insurance cover is provided by a hunting liability insurance policy;
  • for insured persons who have caused damage intentionally;
  • for damage caused by asbestos, substances or products containing asbestos.

Are there any cover restrictions?

There are a number of cases in which the insurance company coverage may be limited, e.g.:

  • The compensation payment for the coverage "Rented Goods" is limited to € 5,000;
  • The compensation payment for the coverage "SOS: Dog Bite" is limited to € 500;
  • The compensation payment for the replacement value compensation is limited to € 5,000.

Answers to burning questions

  • What happens if my dog got bitten by an uninsured dog?

    Basically, the following applies: The owner of the dog that has bitten or attacked is always liable. Even if the dog has no insurance cover. In this case, the costs of treating your dog or repairing the damage must be paid for out of your own pocket.

  • Am I insured if my dog destroys my own stuff?

    We're sorry, but damage to your own belongings and to those living with you in your home, such as your family, is not covered.

  • Where can I see and access my contract?

    This is very simple: As soon as got your Luko insurance, you will receive your policy documents by e-mail. Also, the 24/7 access to your dashboard will be activated, which enables you to have a look at your active insurances and contracts any time.

  • I have two dogs. Are both covered by one insurance?

    Currently we can only insure one dog per contract. If you have two dogs and want to insure them, you have to conclude two contracts.