Cookie Notice

Last update: September 2023

Our use and management cookie notice (the "Cookie Notice”), for the Luko website (the "Website”) provides you with information about how Luko uses cookies and similar technologies on our Website. We explain how and why we use cookies and how you interact with them when you access our services (such as purchasing and monitoring your insurance policy) from our Website.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that a website you visit transfers and stores in the browser directory of your device (tablet, mobile, computer). They are used by data controllers to guarantee and improve the efficiency of a website; in particular, cookies allow them to better understand how visitors use a website, to remember a user's login data, or to save website preferences such as the language.     

Use of cookies

During your browsing on our Website, different types of cookies may be deposited or made accessible by the data controller depending on your cookie settings, made when you first browse the Website or later if you choose to modify your choices. 

In particular, they are used (i) to guarantee security of our Website, (ii) to ensure a better browsing experience, to personalize your experience when you access our services and to provide targeted advertising, (iii) to collect statistical information on the use of our Website, which is essential to enable us to improve its design and functionality. 

The cookies deposited or accessible depend on your choice of settings. All cookies used on our Website are listed and defined with their characteristics (domain, name, purpose, expiry, etc.). They are accessible from the “Cookie management” tab, which can be accessed here. You can change your setting options at any time. 

Third parties (such as search engines, measurement and analysis service providers, social networks, advertising companies, etc.) that we approve may set or access cookies when you browse our Website. You can identify them from the "Cookie Management" tab, which can be accessed here

To the extent that personal information (i.e. information that identifies you as an individual or relates to an identifiable individual) is collected through cookies, our Privacy Notice applies to and complements this Cookie Notice.   

Cookie retention period 

The cookies and other tracking devices that will be deposited on your terminal, depending on your choice of settings, will be kept, depending on the type of cookie, for a maximum of 6 months from the time they are first deposited on your terminal. At the end of this period, they will be deleted.

For more information on the retention period of each cookie, click here.

Legal basis 

Cookies - except for the collection of strictly necessary cookies - are used on the basis of consent, which we collect by using a cookie management solution. 

How do I restrict or block cookies?

You can refuse all or part of the cookies and other tracking devices in your browser:

  • On your first visit to our Site, through the management window that appears automatically, and/or
  • At any time via the “Cookie Management” window accessible here


If you have any questions or comments about our Website, you can contact us at