Where is the best place to buy my bike?

Where do I buy my new (or used) dream bike? We'll tell you everything you need to consider when shopping for one.

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Nature is blooming, the temperatures are rising, and your friends are asking you if you want to go on a beautiful bike ride. Sure, you do! But unfortunately, you don't own a bike. We'll tell you where you can get your new two wheels in no time. 

I want a bike - but where from?

Of course, nowadays it is pretty easy to rent or lease a bike. However, if you'd rather own your own, first think carefully about which bike model suits you and your riding habits (we'll help you with this decision in this article). Once this first important step is done, the next thing is to decide where you can buy your dream bike. We'll list the different options and explain the pros and cons.

1. At a bike store

You're sure to find a bike store near you. At a local shop, you can get extensive advice - especially if you are still a bicycle layman. You can be sure that they really know their stuff when it comes to cycling! Describe exactly what you expect from your bike, what kind of routes you want to cover, or on which surfaces you mainly want to ride (for example, on hard concrete in the city or country roads). Be sure to take a test ride to check out the bike. Riding around the block for a minute is not enough, but store employees usually understand this and will let you test your object of desire extensively. Keep in mind, however, that the choice of models in a specialty store may be limited. The dealers often work only with certain manufacturers. So if you're looking for a specific model, it's best to find out in advance, by email or phone, whether it's even offered in your store of choice. Such bike stores also often sell rather high-priced models. Be prepared to bust into your piggy bank.

2. In an online shop

If you do not need advice from the specialist and you know what kind of bike you want, then ordering it online a time and money-saver. You also have a huge selection of all possible manufacturers and models. But make sure that the store you order from is reputable. The webshop should have an imprint (including company name, owner name, address, and contact details). You should be skeptical if the stated price is far below the usual market value. It is best to order from a so-called Trusted Shop; this is a term used by tested and verified online retailers. Also, be aware that a test drive via online ordering is not possible. However, some manufacturers have showrooms where you can test your desired bike. 

3. On ebay Classifieds & Co.

If you don't need a brand new bike, but a used model is sufficient, then platforms like eBay Classifieds are a good option. Here you can find cheap bikes in all sizes, shapes, and colours. But here, too, caution is advised: it's best to only look for bikes in your city, which you can pick up yourself. Insist on a test ride. Put the bike through its paces, i.e. checking out the spokes and chains, saddle, and frame. Read here what you should pay attention to when buying a used bike. It is best to take a contract of sale with you to the meeting with the dealer and have it signed, as well as show your ID. You can find a template for such a contract here. Do not buy the bike if the seller refuses to sign the contract. Make sure you get the sales receipt if you have one. Also, look for the frame number on new bikes. Every new bike has received such a frame number from the manufacturer. The frame number can usually be found either on the bar or under the bottom bracket. You will also need to provide this number if you wish to purchase Bike Insurance.

4. At a bicycle or flea market

There are all kinds of flea markets where bicycles are also offered. Here, the same applies as when buying on eBay Classifieds. Test the bike, especially the brakes and gears. Ask for the frame number and/or proof of purchase. Also, get a sale contract signed. If these requirements are met, nothing stands in the way of riding your new bike. But if you think you're being offered a stolen bike, don't buy it under any circumstances - even if you're about to get the bargain of a lifetime. Ignorance is no excuse; if you buy a stolen bike, you are guilty of receiving stolen goods. Notify the police if there are clear signs of a stolen bike. 

We are sure that with all this knowledge in mind, you will find the bike of your dreams and soon you will be riding with your friends on the most beautiful bike paths. Happy cycling! 

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