(Stylish) Safe Cycling: These are the clothes I need for cycling

You've got yourself a snazzy new bike and now all you need is the right clothing for your ride? Then please keep reading!

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The so-called Bike Wear differs from the clothes you wear in everyday life  in many respects. It is functional, breathable, and usually also water-repellent. If you only ride to the supermarket or only cover short distances with your bike, then you probably don't need special clothing for cycling. However, if you often ride your bike for longer distances, because you have a long way to work or you are totally into extensive bike tours, then it looks quite different. In this case, consider buying a basic set of bike wear so that you are well prepared for any situation.

What should I look for when buying bike clothing?

The cycling clothing usually consists of several parts. What you need exactly depends a little on your bike. For a mountain bike, for example, you should buy different clothes and shoes than for a road bike. Before buying, find out which outfit fits your bike model. The basic outfit consists of: a top and bottom, undershirt (if necessary), suitable shoes, and helmet. The clothing should offer optimal protection against wind, cold, sun, and/or rain. It should also be breathable, waterproof and water-repellent, ergonomically cut, and windproof.

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Which cycling clothes do I wear in which weather?

As the saying goes: more is more! Cyclists often rely on the so-called two-layer look. Especially in cold weather, they put several layers on top of each other. This way the outfit can be adapted to fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions. On a cold winter day, for example, the layering could look like this: a long undershirt made of warming merino wool, a jersey, and a light jacket made of down for the upper body. For the legs, choose long lined pants that are windproof and waterproof. Do not forget thick socks and gloves! With so many layers, it is important to make sure that the clothing is breathable, otherwise heat buildup can occur. In warm summer temperatures, such layering tactics will make you sweat. Just thinking about it; it is, of course, rather impractical in that case. If it's warm, combine a short jersey with short cycling shorts. You can also put on UV-protective sleeves in case the sun is too strong. Always protect yourself with sunscreen. For rainy weather, you can also buy a rain cape or rain jacket, preferably with reflectors. Waterproof helmet covers and rain overshoes also protect you from the cold and wet. 

What cycling clothes do I need in the city?

If you ride your bike through the city, your clothes should be comfortable, elastic and stylish, right? We recommend a functional short or long-sleeved shirt that is stretchy and dries quickly. There are also special cycling jeans. They look just as chic as normal jeans, but are cut a little higher at the back to protect you from the wind. The inside of the pants are also equipped with reflectors, so that you can be seen in the dark. Reflectors are the be-all and end-all in the city, especially at night. Just as important, of course, is the helmet. You should always have it with you, no matter how short the route is and no matter whether you are riding in the city or in the country.

Where do I buy my bike outfit?

Last but not least, we'll tell you where you can buy the right outfit for your bike. You can find bike clothing in any store for sporting goods and clothing, such as Decathlon. Here you can find everything from cheaper to higher price categories. If you're new to cycling, these stores are a good place to start. The employees are very familiar with the subject and can give you comprehensive advice. If you prefer to order from the comfort of your own home, check out the various sports stores on the Internet. Fashion online stores, such as Zalando, also offer cycling clothing. If you want to be really stylish on the road and are willing to spend a little more, then we recommend the following brands: Café du Cycliste, Vulpine, Rapha, O1O6, Pedal Ed, Pas Normal Studios, Isadore, Maap, Attaquer, or Ryzon. Soon, you can rock a stylish and safe outfit while on your bike. Have fun shopping!