Scruffy: a love story about a one-eyed dog (and dog liability insurance)

It’s not easy being man’s best friend. Especially when you’ve only got one eye, like Scruffy. Get ready for a story of love, loss and dog liability insurance…

    I stay long time at DOG HOUSE…

    Is bad place. Many dogs. They make fun of Scruffy. No-one wants one-eyed dog they say. And you scruffy, Scruffy.

    They wrong. They have more eyes but they not see: I good dog. I Scruffy.

    Many people come to DOG HOUSE and play with Scruffy. They like Scruffy, they ruffle Scruffy. They take other dog. Two-eyed dog. Younger dog.

    Scruffy sad. Other dogs right. But then… DAY OF GREAT EXCITEMENT!!! You come. FOOD GIVER. You like old Scruffy. You stroke Scruffy. Scruffy play cool. Scruffy knows you take other dog. Dog with all eyes. Scruffy lay down and close eye. Try to go back to DREAM OF MANY BONES.

    Then DOG HOUSE LADY come and you point LONG PAW at Scruffy. I not speak your language so good. I listen. One eye but two ears. I listen hard. “DATONE” You say. You point at me. You wag head forward. They open cage.

    GREAT EXCITEMENT. I bang head on cage trying to get out. You smell damp like bog. Is good earthy smell. I run around legs and you trip over. MUCH EXCITEMENT. You get up. You laugh. I bark. I Scruffy. You FOOD GIVER. We team.

    We go in GROWLING HOUSE to FRANKFURT, which sound like sausage but isn’t. We go your HOUSE. Is nice HOUSE. Is full of things to guard. I guard hard. POSTMAN scared come HOUSE now. You proud.

    I Scruffy. You FOOD GIVER. We team.

    We go “WALKEES” twice day. We go BIG FIELD. I run. I run. I smell everything. Is amazing this life. Everything perfect like in DREAM OF MANY BONES.

    But everything new for Scruffy: new chairs sofas tables stairs smells. Is intense. One day you not in HOUSE. You go WALKEES alone. I pee in your SLEEP NEST. Is accident. Was having DREAM OF MANY BONES. Happens. Happens even to young dog. Happens to two-eyed dog.

    You come HOUSE. I excited. So excited. I missed you. I run around smelling bog. I forget about accident in SLEEP NEST. You see SLEEP NEST. You get LOUD BARK. You make ANGRY FACE. You point LONG PAW. I run away. I run to my SLEEP NEST. I pee in my SLEEP NEST too. Is stress.

    Stress you send Scruffy back to DOG HOUSE. I must be extra careful Scruffy. I not walk into sofa. I not trip and break lamp again. I not make accident in SLEEP NEST. I nice to POSTMAN.

    Slowly you forgive. I Scruffy. You FOOD GIVER. We team.

    We go WALKEES again to BIG FIELD. I minding own business then… ENEMY APPEARS: JUMPING-MANY-LIVED-SKINNY-DOG. I pull on neck rope. I am free. I am running. I am in road. I will get ENEMY. ENEMY MUST DIE.

    GROWLING HOUSE coming down road. GROWLING HOUSE can’t stop, turns hits STREET LAMP. Is mess. Is screaming. GROWLING HOUSE has big hole. Is much shouting. ANGRY FACES. LONG POINTED PAWS. LOUD BARKS. I hide under GROWLING HOUSE. Is big problem. You carry Scruffy to HOUSE. You regret taking Scruffy. I know. You think about younger dog. Less clumsy dog. All-eyed dog.

    I stay in my SLEEP NEST. You open door. You pick up neck rope. You say “CUMSCRUFFYSCRUFFYCUM.” I stay still. I go outside I make accident I go DOG HOUSE. I do nothing. I close eye. I try for DREAM OF MANY BONES. You pick me up. You put me down. You use quiet voice. “GUDSCRUFFY.” You say. “CUMBOIHEREBOIGUDBOI.”

    Is trap. I sit. I lump. Days pass. No WALKEES. You not know what do. You not understand. You never live at DOG HOUSE.

    Bell rings. I not bark. I not move. I sit. Man comes. He like puppy you. Smell like bog but fresh bog. You sit table. You make SAD FACE. You point LONG PAW Scruffy. You use quiet voice. He use quiet voice. Long time pass.

    He get up. He make HAPPY FACE. “INSURENCE!” he say. “INSURENCE?” You say. “INSURENCE!” he say. “INSURENCE!” you say in LOUD VOICE but happy LOUD VOICE. He pull mini-tv from bag. He open it. He tap tap. He show you. You make HAPPY FACE. You pull out hard card. You tap tap. You smell each other close. You rush to Scruffy. You hug Scruffy. “ISOKAYNOW” You say. “INSURENCE!”

    We go WALKEES. Is not dream. Is real. Is perfect: I Scruffy. You FOOD GIVER. We team.

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