Who is insured?

A private liability insurance is one of the basic insurances. It's a must-have for everyone. Why? You'll find out here!

Who is insured in a private liability insurance depends on the choice of your tariff.
There are two different variants:

  1. Single tariff: The liability insurance is only valid for one person.
  2. Family tariff: The liability insurance is valid for several persons living together in one household and registered with the authorities at the same address.

Private Liability insurance for families

It’s a great joy when kith and kin move in together. It is wild and alive. With private liability insurance at family rates, you can cover all the people living in your household with just one policy. If someone has a mishap or an accident, you are protected against high claims for damages by third parties from just € 74.39 per year.

Private Liability insurance for singles

Like to be the life is the party? As a single person, do you want to insure yourself against claims for damages due to property damage, personal injury or financial loss? With Luko you get a private liability insurance at the single rate from € 56.39 per year!

Private Liability insurance for couples / partners

Enjoy the togetherness. If you decide to move in together, you no longer need double insurance. With a private liability insurance at family rates, you are optimally covered with Luko from € 74.39 per year - and save money on top of that.

Private Liability insurance for students

Moving out of your parents' house marks the beginning of a new and exciting time in your life. First of all, check whether you are still covered by your parents' personal liability insurance. If so, you do not need your own. If not, a private liability insurance protects you at the single rate from € 56.39 per year if you cause any damage. Are you part of a shared flat? You may be eligible for a family rate!

Private Liability insurance for tenants

Having your own place. A big dream for many. But as a tenant you live in someone else's property. A private liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences of damage to rented property in the event of a claim. Starting at € 56.39 per year, you are covered in case you accidentally damage the sink or start a fire in your apartment.

Private Liability insurance for expats

As you settle into your new life in Germany, there are many new processes and procedures to learn. You’ll want to ensure everything is handled correctly so you have a strong foundation in your new home. Private Liability Insurance can help financially protect you and your family.

Liability insurance for pet owners

Your dog or your cat may be best friends, but do they (and you) sometimes get you into trouble because of their recklessness? In many federal states liability insurance for animals is now mandatory. In the event of damage, it protects you from liability with your private assets.

Liability insurance for athletes

Sport is fun and keeps you fit. Whether you are active alone or in a group, accidents can happen quickly. A private liability insurance protects you from being liable with your private assets in case of damage.

Private Liability insurance for landlords

Are you a happy owner of a property? As the landlord of a rented apartment or a single-family house, you are responsible if damage is caused by your property. The private liability insurance is your safety net in case something happens despite all care. Check if your rented property is covered by your private liability insurance or if you need an additional house and land owner's liability insurance.

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