Misfortunes, inadvertencies and small accidents happen every day. By the time you realise, it has already happened. If you damage another person's property, or someone's health or physical integrity is damaged through your fault, you are liable for it with all your assets. That is the law. The German Civil Code (BGB) does not provide for a limitation of liability.

In the event of personal injury, you may be subject to high claims. Without insurance this can mean financial ruin.

But you can protect yourself and your loved ones from this disaster: the family tariff of our private liability insurance protects you and your loved ones against the financial consequences of such damage.

Is there a joint liability insurance for couples?

Anyone who goes through life with a partner is often looking for a couples' tariff for married couples, private liability insurance for unmarried couples or private liability insurance for couples in a registered civil partnership.

With Luko you have two ways to insure yourself and the most important person in your life:

  • You can insure yourself at the single rate.
  • You can choose a common family plan for you and your partner. This will cover both of you as well as any children and other people living in your household.

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Does it make sense for a couple to insure themselves together?

Personal liability insurance is one of the most important insurances of all. With it you take responsibility for yourself and your partner.

  • It checks the liability claims.
  • It fends off unjustified claims and serves as a kind of "passive" legal protection insurance.
  • It indemnifies you as the policyholder and your co-insured household members from justified claims. This means that it assumes the costs.

With a private liability insurance as a couple, you insure yourselves against financial disadvantages in case of property damage, personal injury and financial losses of third parties starting at €74.39 per year.

In case of a justified claim, Luko's private liability insurance will settle the damage:

  • Property damage: The damaged object will be restored, or the costs will be covered.
  • Personal injury: The costs for consequential damages, e.g. for loss of activity in case of injured persons, the rescue costs, treatment costs, loss of earnings as well as compensation for pain and suffering or, in case of permanent damage, the life-long pensions are covered.

If you are wrongly accused of having caused damage, you are not liable for it. In the event of a legal dispute, your private liability insurance will cover the costs of your lawyer, required experts and the court case.

What are our advantages with a joint private liability insurance?  

A joint private liability insurance is more reasonable for you than two private liability insurances at single tariff, because your annual fee is reduced considerably.

You can get a single liability insurance for one person from €56.39 per year. A family liability insurance for you and your partner and/or your starts from €74.39 per year.

If you have children and/or co-habitants, they are automatically covered as well.

What are the requirements for a joint personal liability insurance?

It is important that you form a domestic community. It does not matter whether you are married or not, live in a registered partnership, are homosexual or heterosexual.

You and your spouse can also take out a joint private liability insurance policy at family rates if you are registered with the authorities at different addresses.

Your unmarried children are also insured at the family rate, provided that at least one of the following conditions applies:

  • Your children are under 18 years old.
  • Your children are still at school or in subsequent vocational training.
  • Your children are doing volunteer work.
  • Your children are eligible for foster care.

Is liability insurance possible for same-sex couples?

Of course. It doesn't matter to us whether you are a homosexual or a heterosexual couple.

Can we as a married couple take out a joint private liability insurance policy if we do not live together?

Yes, that is possible. You do not have to be registered at the same address.

What do I have to consider if I want to change from a single tariff to a couple tariff?

If you both have single liability insurance, there are two options:

  1. You convert one of the two singles policies into a family policy. In this case you should keep the older contract. You can cancel the younger policy informally. Take this opportunity to check whether the existing contract is still valid:
  2. You also cancel both single contracts and conclude a family contract.

Who should be the policyholder?

The policyholder is the person who concludes the contract. They have the obligation to pay the insurance premium. The other person is co-insured under the same conditions. It does not matter which of you two takes out the insurance.

What types of damage are covered by our joint private liability insurance?

Misfortunes, accidents and inadvertencies happen quickly in everyday life. Under German law, the liability of private individuals is unlimited. This means: if you cause damage and are not privately insured, you are liable with all your present and future assets. And that is for life! This applies to your house, your property, your bank balance and your salary.

Luko will settle property damage, personal injury and financial loss caused by you unintentionally.

What types of damage are covered by our joint private liability insurance?

Private liability insurance offers financial security in the event of claims by third parties arising from property damage, personal injury and financial losses: property damage occurs to the property of another person.
This includes objects, damage to rented property and animals.

Personal injury includes injuries, impairment of another person's health and death. Consequential damage and financial losses arising from personal injury are also included.

Pecuniary damage occurs when a third party suffers financial loss through culpable action.

What types of damages are not settled under personal liability insurance?

Claims for damages in case of property damage cannot be asserted by you if you take out a joint liability insurance policy with each other. If your partner drops your smartphone, we will not settle the damage.

Excluded are, among others:

  • Willful damage
  • Purely contractual obligations, for example the right to repayment of a loan
  • Fines and penalties
  • Damage caused by the use of a watercraft, aircraft or motor vehicle

Does my personal liability insurance cover me if I damage my partners property?

Unfortunately, not. Co-insured persons cannot make any claims against each other in the event of property damage.

Does my personal liability insurance apply if I cause personal injury to my partner?

Yes. Insurance cover also exists for claims arising from damage caused by the insured persons to each other, provided that:

  • Claims are made by third parties (e.g. statutory rights of recourse of insurers or employers); or,
  • They are direct claims arising from personal injury; or
  • They are direct claims where you or any of the following persons are the subject of a claim by any of the persons incorporated in your household or persons working for you:

What additional services are useful in a joint private liability insurance?

Luko does not offer the "classical" additional insurances, but so-called additional modules. The following add-ons might be useful for you:

„Top of the Topps”

Our add-on "Top of the Topps" consists of the following services:

  • Best Performance Guarantee
  • Exemption from contributions in case of unemployment
  • Benefits in spite of limitations of liability (e.g. damages for favors such as relocation assistance for friends)
  • Aid for victims of violence

Best Performance Guarantee

The Best Performance Guarantee ensures that your insurance cover is always at the highest possible level. Let us assume you have caused a loss that we do not cover under our terms and conditions. If another private liability insurance in Germany pays in this case, the benefits of this insurer also apply to your contract with Luko. This ensures that you don't have to change your contract in case of changes.

Exemption from contributions in case of unemployment

If you lose your job as a policyholder and register as unemployed with the employment office, you can have your contract set to "non-contributory". You will still remain insured for the last agreed sum insured. If you start a new employment relationship, your exemption from contributions ends when you become unemployed.  If you remain unemployed, your private liability insurance will continue to run free of premium for a maximum of one year. After that, your contract expires automatically.

Do you want to stay insured with Luko even if you are still unemployed? Then you should apply for the reinstatement of your contract at the latest four weeks after the end of the non-contributory period.

There are a few conditions that you have to fulfill:

  • You must have been insured for at least 12 months prior to your unemployment.
  • You have paid all your contributions before you became unemployed.
  • Your employment relationship was unlimited, not terminated and was terminated by the employer for operational reasons.
  • Your weekly working hours were at least 30 hours before the termination.
  • The employment relationship was subject to German labour law and the obligation to pay contributions to the Federal Employment Agency.

Benefits despite limitations of liability

Services despite limitations of liability means that Luko will pay for damages caused by you even if you cannot be held liable for them. This is in case of:

  • Courtesy damages,
  • Damage caused by children who are incapable of tort,
  • Damage due to mental or developmental disorders (e.g. due to dementia),
  • Non-culpably caused loss of keys.

Here is an example:
Suppose you’re watering your neighbour’s garden while he’s on vacation and you forget to turn off the faucet. You are not liable for the resulting water damage to the house wall.

If you have booked the add-on “Top of the Topps”, we will take care of the settlement of the damage on your request anyway. This way you can maintain the good relationship with your neighbour.

Violence Victim Assistance

violence can strike anyone. Statistically speaking, men - regardless of their age - are more often victims of serious crime than women. The risk of falling victim to a violent crime is highest for both sexes between the ages of 14 and 39.

Victim protection assistance simply explained:

As a victim of a violent crime, you are insured with us if you have suffered permanent physical (not mental) damage as a result of the crime and if the Victims' Compensation Act entitles you to a victim's pension in accordance with §§ 30-34 of the Federal Supply Act.

The degree of the consequences of the damage is to be assessed according to the general effects of the functional impairments caused by the physical, mental or psychological health disorders recognised as the consequences of the damage, in all areas of life.

A violent act is a deliberate unlawful physical attack against you. This also includes sexual offences.

If you suffer permanent physical damage caused by violence inflicted on you and receive a victim's pension under the Victims' Compensation Act, we will pay you a one-off sum of up to 50,000 euros (victim's aid), depending on the amount of the victim's pension.

Restrictions / Excluded from insurance cover:

  • Damage in connection with your own participation in criminal acts,
  • Damage resulting from physical attacks caused by the attacker through the use of a motor vehicle or trailer,
  • Primary and secondary psychological damage.

Rental and Hire Vehicles

Suppose your own car is in the shop for repairs. Your work colleague lends you his car temporarily. You drive diesel for as long as you can remember. Out of habit, you drive the familiar petrol pump - and fill up his petrol tank with the wrong fuel. In this case, we will reimburse the costs of vacuuming the diesel and cleaning the fuel system up to a sum of €3,000. We will also step in if there is an engine damage due to the incorrect fueling.

The additional module "Rental and Hire Vehicles" is also a useful addition for you and your partner if you rent a car, motorbike or camper van on holiday in EU countries and cause damage when using these vehicles. This also applies to trailers such as caravans or boat trailers. A prerequisite for insurance cover is that there is no or insufficient cover under the motor vehicle liability insurance policy taken out for the vehicle.

Furthermore, with this add-on we also cover the costs of deductibles that you have as a driver with most car sharing companies such as DriveNow, Car2Go, Miles & Co. If you cause an accident with the carsharing car during your rental, you will not be stuck with Luko on the excess (which is between 200 and 5.000 Euro, depending on the provider).


You are a passionate hobby pilot and in your spare time you like to fly drones and copters?

With the additional module "Drones" you are covered for damages caused by the permitted private use of aircraft with engines that are subject to insurance. The insurance cover applies to drones, model aircraft, helicopters / copters and multicopters with a take-off mass of up to 5 kg. The remote-controlled aircraft must be within visual range.

The following are not covered:

  • Damage caused by willful disregard of legal regulations and ordinances such as the UAV Ordinance.
  • The replacement or repair of own or borrowed aircraft,
  • Commercial use and participation in competitions,
  • Flights that take place at a height of more than 30 metres using video glasses.

Is an excess / deductible useful for us?

A deductible reduces your insurance premium. This also means that you may have to pay for minor damages yourself.

At Luko we deliberately waive the deductible. This has two advantages for you:

  1. The insurance policy is low in our liability insurance at family rate, so you save money compared to two single insurances.
  2. In case of damage you are not forced to dig into your own pockets. You can fully rely on us.

How much should our insurance sum be?

Stiftung Warentest recommends a sum insured of at least €10 Million for sensible basic protection. We at Luko add on top of that and insure you with a sum of €30 Million. With that you are well protected, no matter what happens.

Some insurers like to outdo each other with the amount of the sum insured: 50 million euros, 60 million euros, 75 million euros ... They are able to do so because the probability that a loss of this amount will ever occur is so incredibly low that it is really only a matter of making a name for oneself. The highest private liability loss ever in Germany was around 14 million euros. A loss of that size only happened once till now.