Pimp my bike - With these DIY tips any bike can be beautiful

New color, colorful saddle, funny details: With small tips, you can easily beautify your bike. We reveal how to do it!

    Most bikes bought new from the dealer are relatively inconspicuous. That's practical, because they suit almost every taste. But they also look confusingly similar to many other bikes. So why not give your own bike a bit of individuality? With simple tricks, you can pimp your bike and make it a real eye-catcher. Let's go!

    Tip 1: Beautify the handlebars and saddle

    Black rubber grips, a plain black saddle, a simple bell - those can be fancier. Our first tip is, therefore, to replace the factory-installed parts with nicer models. Leather grips and saddle can look particularly cool; there are vegan options made of cork, too. The warm brown tones match most frame colours. Of course, it's important that the ergonomics fit - so don't just look at the design, but also at how well your new saddle sits and how comfortably you can hold your grips. If you ride a road bike, you can also give your entire handlebars a new look. All you need are special handlebar tapes in the colour of your choice. When it comes to bicycle bells, the sky's the limit, with the most unusual models available. If you don't want to buy a new bell, you can simply paint your current bell with spray paint and it will look like new.

    By the way: Avoid a wet butt even in bad weather. Get a saddle cover! You can sew one yourself  easily, pimping your bike in the rain. You can find free sewing instructions here.

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    ‍Tip 2: Get a DIY bicycle basket

    A bicycle basket is not only practical, but can also really look the part. Plastic boxes are light and cope well with water, but do not look so nice. It becomes more chic with a basket, a handlebar bag, an old wine box, or a homemade wooden box. You can add more  embellishment with an outdoor light chain, waterproof interior fabric, or artificial flowers.

    • Rear bicycle basket: If your bike already has a luggage rack, the bike basket of your choice can be easily attached to it with cable ties. You’ll be pimped out in no time.
    • Front bike basket: Small, lighter baskets or boxes for carrying coffee mugs, handbags, and more can also be attached to your handlebars with cable ties or - more elegantly - with leather straps. If you want to attach a real box to the front, you should first screw a front rack to your bike and attach the box to it. This way you can be sure that the basket will not have a negative effect on the bike's steering behaviour.

    Important: If you use wood, you should treat it in advance. This will keep it protected from rainwater and weathering. You can get the necessary supplies at the hardware store.

    Tip 3: A new look for the bike frame

    Now it's time to get colourful. Or patterned. Either way, definitely get creative. You can really let off steam when pimping your bike frame. There are countless ways to give your bike a complete makeover. For example:

    • Bicycle painting: Painting is the process of giving your bike frame a new colour. However, the effort is relatively high because you have to completely disassemble your bike. Once you have done this, the frame is first sanded with sandpaper. Then it's primed before being painted in the desired colour with spray paint. Finally, you  seal the new colour with clear lacquer, then reassemble everything, before you're ready to go. 
    • Foil your bike: Bicycle films that you simply stick on the frame are less complicated. Colours, patterns, effects - the choices here are really huge. Many films are not very expensive. At Mooxi-Bike, you will find a wide range of designs. 
    • Bicycle Stickers & Washi Tape: If you like the basic colour of your bike, but want to pimp it a bit, you can do so with bike stickers or washi tape (also known as masking tape). Simply stick them on your bike frame as you please - you'll find plenty of inspiration online.
    • Bike Art: Do you have a creative streak or drawing talent? Then here comes the ultimate idea for your creative bike frame: paint it yourself. For this you need a white primer for your frame, black or colourful acrylic paint, and the right idea of how your bike should look later. Comic style? Playful floral pattern? It doesn't get more individual than that!

    Tip 4: Hippie look for handlebars and spokes

    Are you looking for more colour? No problem! Your spokes can be beautifully decorated with colourful, different sized buttons. Simply attach them to your spokes with wire. For fluttering ribbons on your handlebars, you need:

    • colourful satin ribbons
    • needle and thread
    • 2 rubber bands of the same length

    Simply sew the satin ribbons together on one side and directly to an elastic band. Now sew the two ends of the rubber band together again, so that a small loop is created. Pull it over your handlebars and you're done. If you don't want to use a needle and thread, you can also use a stapler. 

    As you can see, it's easy to spruce up a bike. Just try it out - and have fun!