Home office: What is the best way to work from home?

Working remotely for a long time is hard. These tips will help you to be productive. Stay healthy and stay at home!

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People always seem to want what they can't have. Do they? This is a part of our desire to do whatever we want, at all times. Currently,  millions of people worldwide are working from home. So what was previously a groundbreaking work environment and a perk of a job is suddenly a new challenge to overcome. COVID-19 requires unusual measures at a very unusual time.

Lukos are in the same position; we too are all working from home. We are lucky enough to have that opportunity. Because Luko is 100% digital, nothing will change in our daily business, in the work that we do, or in the service we offer you. But our daily lives have changed. We are no longer "allowed" to work from home; we are required to! And we see this as our absolute responsibility to society.

We know that it is difficult. But in a time where we feel powerless, we can help. By collectively renouncing a freedom never questioned before, we help our community. We support those on the front line of our health: doctors, nurses, supermarket salespeople, and many more who cannot stay at home because they keep the system running.

Please stay indoors. We'll get through this together. Luko is here for you.

Many people find it difficult to be isolated in their own homes. Families come to terms with spending the whole day together in close quarters. Single people can experience great loneliness as their lively social life breaks away. What to do? Well, we have to support each other through all channels and learn to use digital tools for us, not against us. What was often criticized before the Corona crisis is now our friend: texting, talking on the phone for hours, video calls, social media. We can stay in touch with each other and stay connected to the best of our community.

But how do you work for a long period of time in a regulated, productive, and professional manner from home? Anyone who has ever taken part in a conference call in their underwear knows what we are talking about. From now on, our home is also our workplace - despite the noise from the kids, piles of laundry, and the hours of isolation. "Home office" is an essential part of containing the Coronavirus. When we all stick to it, this action will flatten the infection curve. We asked our Luko team what challenges and tips they have in their daily home office and self-containment life.

Starting the day

Start the day off as if we were going to the office. Get up when the alarm clock rings, take a shower, have coffee, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed. Very important: getting dressed. If you spend the whole day in pajamas, you won't get into work mode. What is allowed while lounging on the couch Sunday mornings should stay in the closet during regular working hours. 


Creating a designated working environment within your home is best. But we don't all have that luxury.  If you don't have the extra space, use the dining table, kitchen table, or living room table. The main thing is that table, chair, and laptop form a unit. If you have the possibility to get a large screen, a keyboard, or a mouse, you should do so; working long hours at the laptop is not healthy for your back and wrists.


Parents and children stuck together at home? Now working becomes a real test. But here too, you can apply the same tips. Set up rules and (try to) adhere to them wherever possible. Allocate time for playing and times for working. Allow each other hours to concentrate on work. We know how difficult this is. There are parents who work at Luko too. Hang in there! Stay in close contact (phone, chat) with friendly parents who can provide support and sanity.

Working hours

If you worked from 9:00 to 18:00 before Corona, you should do the same in your home office. Routine is the key to getting used to the new/old environment.

Video calls

Turn on your camera when you communicate with your teammates and hold meetings. This way you are "forced" to get dressed in the morning. Plus, you are able to better connect with people when you see them. Problems can be solved "face to face" better than by phone or chat only. When you are stuck in a home with the same people (or no-one) for a long period of time, it is important to see faces other than your own or your loved ones'.


Get up once every hour. Stretch, do exercises in the living room, follow a yoga tutorial, and/or go out on the balcony if you have one. Fresh air is important; so is vitamin D. In order for us all to keep a clear head, we need to exercise our bodies.

Meal Planning

The proximity of the refrigerator can tempt us to constantly snack.  But we wouldn't do that in the office. Plan your meals with the rest of your work schedule. Routine, routine, routine is - also here - very important. Good food choices and regular meals can help keep us healthy, especially if we are more inactive than usual.

Stay calm

Last of all: Stay calm. This too shall pass. Don't hoard; leave your fellow (wo)men enough toilet paper and noodles in the supermarket. The supply chains are secure and we won't starve. Get your information from reputable sources, but turn off the news from time to time to read a book or play video games. Life as we know it continues. In good times and bad, we are here for you.

Your Luko Team

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