How do I find the perfect city bike for the big city?

Are you looking for a bike that will get you from A to B in the big city? Find out all about comfortable city bikes here.

Your future bike should be the ideal companion for your trips through the city - to work, shopping, daycare, the gym, and your favourite café. With a city bike, you’ll be optimally equipped. The bikes are designed for short and medium distances on paved (bike) paths through the city. They are perfect for "everyday suitability".  

The typical features of a city bike

In addition to their suitability for everyday use, city bikes are particularly comfortable and reliable. Compared to sports bikes, you sit much more upright. Their relaxed seating position is further supported by an ergonomic saddle and curved handlebars. Women's bikes usually have a low step-in, which makes them especially comfortable to get on and off. But, women's city bikes are somewhat heavier. Men's bikes have a straight or slightly lowered top tube, which requires you to climb over the saddle. In comparison, they are somewhat lighter than women's bikes and appear sportier.

Most city bikes have a hub gear. This is practical because it is hardly susceptible to external influences and requires very little maintenance. In terms of brakes, cheaper models are usually equipped with classic rim brakes. More expensive models will also have hydraulic rim brakes or disc brakes. Other practical features of the bikes include a luggage rack at the front or rear and a solid bike stand that holds your bike in place even when you've stowed your groceries on the rack. The complete StVZO-compliant equipment including the bell, and front and rear light also ensure that you are well visible in traffic with a city bike and thus always safe on the road. 

City bike or Dutch bike: how are they different?

Dutch bikes and city bikes are relatively similar. Both types of bikes are designed especially for comfort and relaxed riding. The biggest difference is that city bikes are lighter than steel-framed Dutch bikes; this makes them easy to use not only on flat terrain but also on gentle climbs. Dutch bikes usually have only three gears, while city bikes often have seven or eight gears. So if you live in a very flat area, you are also well equipped with a Dutch bike. If you live in a hilly city, you'll be better off with a city bike.

Price range for city bikes

In terms of price, the bikes for the big city range from about €300 to €2,000. However, you can find many good bicycles in the lower price category that will keep you happy for a long time. If you spend more money, then you usually get a better circuit, a higher quality lighting system, and disc or hydraulic rim brakes. 

Where to buy your city bike

The good thing about the popular city bikes is that you can find a large selection everywhere. Start by visiting your local dealer first and trying out different models. Although you can also find what you're looking for on the internet, the most important thing about a city bike is that you sit comfortably and feel at ease. That's why it's best to take a short test ride on different models. By the way: due to the straight seating position, the majority of your weight rests on the saddle of a city bike. That's why it can be worthwhile to test different saddles as well as different bikes. If necessary, replace the saddle on your chosen bike. Here you can find more tips for the optimal bicycle equipment.

Tip: If you want to save some euros, used bikes are also a good option. Since city bikes are built to last, you can find a reliable companion for years to come at second-hand bike stores.

Conclusion: A city bike is a comfortable companion for your routes through the city

If you want to ride your new bike mainly in the city and feel safe in any weather, then you are well equipped with a city bike. This type of bike is ideal for cyclists who are looking for an alternative to buses, trains, and cars. They will help riders get from point A to point B in a relaxed way without seeing every outing as a sports program. Even those who have not ridden a bike for a long time often feel comfortable on city bikes, since many models are equipped with an additional coaster as a brake. If you are still unsure whether a city bike meets your needs or if a fitness bike, road bike, or touring bike is better, read more on the different types of bikes and rider requirements in this article.