This is the equipment I need for my bicycle

Safety for your head, comfortable saddle, emergency kit for the road: we show you what equipment you need for your bike!

You found the ideal bike for you. Then, theoretically speaking, you can start cycling right away. But, it doesn't hurt to think about the other right bike equipment you need. The equipment not only ensures that you are comfortable on your tours, but with the right equipment you are also safer on the road. You should not do without this bike equipment:

1. Bicycle helmet - safety for your head

A bicycle helmet is not mandatory in Germany. But whether you are riding in the city, in the countryside, or off-road if you fall you’ll be much safer with a helmet. When choosing a helmet, make sure that the size fits your head circumference and that the helmet is stable and lightweight. You can easily get advice on your area of use because there is a suitable helmet for almost every type of bike. If you mainly ride in the city and are absolutely not a fan of helmets, the Hövding bicycle airbag could be an alternative for you. But at around €300, it's not cheap.

2. Bike light for better visibility

With a bike light, you will be better seen in the dark or in bad weather. You need a front light and a rear light. Some bicycles come with lights that are powered by a (hub) dynamo. If this is not the case, you can fall back on electric lights that you regularly charge via a USB connection. 

3. Anti-theft bike lock

In addition to security for you, you also need security for your bike. It is worth investing in a good bike lock - especially if you have to lock your bike outside permanently. On comparison portals, you can find test winners having been evaluated on security, price, weight, and length of the lock. No lock can guarantee one hundred percent security. With Bicycle Insurance, you are also well protected in the event of theft.

‍‍4. Comfortable saddle for your tours

Particularly with inexpensive bicycles, a rather simple saddle is often installed. This does not offer too much comfort. But even a very high-quality and ergonomic saddle does not automatically fit every body. That's why it's worth comparing different saddles and replacing them as necessary if you ride your bike a lot. 

5. Tool kit for small breakdowns

You can save yourself a trip to the bike store for minor problems with a tool kit. Bike tool kits have all the necessary tools: Allen wrench, mounting lever, plate repair tool, and more. By the way, you can find out how to repair your bike yourself here

6. Air pump for on the road

Of course, without an air pump, you can't have well-inflated bicycle tires. If you ride your bike rather short distances through the city, a classic bicycle pump in the basement is enough. But, if you are on the road for several hours at a time or make entire bike trips, then you should consider a practical hand pump for the road.

7. Chain oil for regular maintenance

To enjoy your bike for a long time, you should regularly maintain it and re-oil the bicycle chain. We explain how to clean your bike and oil it, here. 

Special equipment for road bikes, mountain bikes, and more. 

The above equipment is suitable for all cyclists - whether during the week in the big city or on a tour with the family at the weekend. However, if you are more sporty with your bike, such as mountain biking or on race tracks, then it is worth equipping yourself with a little more:

‍‍8. Comfort and moisture management with cycling clothes

To prevent long tours from becoming painful affairs, padded cycling shorts are a good idea - especially if you ride a road bike or mountain bike. Make sure that the padding is ergonomically shaped and that there are no pressure points. Special cycling shirts, like cycling shorts, are made of functional synthetic material and provide good moisture management. Instead of trapping sweat in the fabric leaving you wet in no time, this special clothing helps the sweat simply evaporate. If you are also regularly on the road in bad weather, it is worth getting a waterproof, breathable rain jacket and pants.

9. Bicycle goggles to protect against insects and dirt

Bicycle goggles not only protect you from UV rays. They also provide protection from insects or dirt in any weather. With mountain bikes or road bikes, they are a must-have. The glasses should fit tightly, but not cause any pressure. You should also make sure that the temples and nose pad have a non-slip rubber coating.

10. Cycling shoes for clipless pedals 

If you buy a bike with clipless pedals, you, of course, can’t wear just any shoes on your bike. Since your feet move a lot in shoes due to the pedal movement, right-fitting cycling shoes are even more important. So make sure that the shoes do not slip, do not pinch (especially in the toe area), and do not cut (especially at the heel). With a mesh surface, you also ensure good ventilation for your feet.

11. Bottle holder for long tours

Last but not least: a bottle holder. With this inexpensive piece of equipment, you do not have to take a break for every sip of water first to rummage the bottle from the backpack. Especially on long tours on hot days, this equipment is worth gold.

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