A guide to dental insurance in Germany

In this guide we will tell you why and for who it makes sense to take out additional dental insurance.

Most people would agree that visiting the dentist is not exactly pleasant. Horrendous, unexpected costs for painful treatments make the visit all the more unpleasant. In this guide we will tell you why it makes sense to take out additional dental insurance - because in Germany, only costs for very basic treatments are covered by health insurance. Did you know?

What dental treatments are covered by public health insurance? 

It can be quite confusing for expats (and non-expats alike) what costs are covered by your health insurance already and what not. To avoid big surprises in the dentist’s chair we will try to make things a little more clear: As mentioned above only the most basic costs for dental treatments are covered by statutory health insurance. This e.g. includes annual check-ups, standard fillings or removal of wisdom teeth. For most necessary dental treatments you need to pay about 40-50% of the costs yourself. This could be costs for bridges, crowns or root canal treatments. And they can get quite pricey! Just so you get an idea: A root canal treatment will cost you about €700 or more. However, if you go to the dentist on a regular basis for at least 5 years you will only need to pay approximitaley 35% out of your own pocket. After 10 years 70% of the costs will be covered by public insurance. If you earn less than €1,246 gross/month your health insurance will pay for 100% of the treatment you need at any time.

What dental treatments are covered by private health insurance?

Private health insurance generally covers more dental treatments than the public insurance. On top of that, you are able to upgrade your plan. Depending on your insurance plan you will even get a reimbursement up to 85%. Bare in mind: It is not possible to get additional dental insurance when you are on a private health insurance plan. These only apply for people with public health insurance. 

What treatments are covered by additional dental insurance?

When you take out additional dental insurance, there are multiple necessary treatments that are covered, some up to 100%. This could include root canal treatments, implants or tooth replacements. Besides all necessary treatments most dental insurers also cover professional dental cleanings, which can be €80-100 alone if you pay them out of your own pocket. Some insurers even cover cosmetic dentistry like tooth whitening. Please always make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully - so you know exactly what is covered and what is not. 

Does it make sense for me to get additional dental insurance?

Looking at the high costs for dental treatments you might want to consider getting additional dental insurance in order to save some cash - as long as you are insured with public health insurance. Think of the things you could do with the money you save… go on a nice trip or treat yourself to a fancy dinner! So much better than paying hundreds of Euros for a root canal treatment, right? All in all, dental insurance is simple to get, you have easy access to pricey treatments - and on top of that, dental insurance is rather affordable. Obviously, the price depends on the insurance plan you take out and on your age. But it can be less than 10€ a month! 

...and to save even more money: Don’t forget to brush your teeth. :)

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