The most beautiful bike tours in Germany

Do you want to explore Germany on the saddle? Then you should definitely know about these bike tours!

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Whether it's a leisurely day trip on the weekend or an entire cycling vacation - in Germany you'll get your money's worth as a cyclist. That's because there are more than 70,000 km of bike paths throughout the country. Past castles and palaces, lakes and nature parks, and through romantic cities, everyone gets their money's worth. Here you can find out which bike tours you should definitely explore.

Great bike routes for (half) day trips

Do you like to take shorter weekend trips by bike? Or do you want to get more comfortable on a saddle? Then you have plenty of half-day and day tours to choose from. 

  1. Railroad cycling to the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein
    From the Bochum train station, you start the 43 km long round trip over old railroad lines and impressive bridges to the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex. The route is well developed and has hardly any inclines so it is suitable for all cyclists. 
  2. From Lake Chiemsee to Lake Waginger
    The approximately 50 km long Lake Chiem - Lake Waginger bike path is suitable for the whole family, especially in summer. The bike path leads you along the eastern shore of Lake Chiemsee, through hilly foothills of the Alps, and past historic towns. For the steep way back, you need a bit of stamina. But at the finish, you can reward yourself with a jump into the cool water!
  3. Loop trail around the Steinhuder Meer
    Around Lake Steinhuder is a 32 km long bike path. It is one of the most popular activities in the vacation region. The bike tour is ideally developed and leads you through wide wet meadows, the alder marsh forest with lots of songbirds and waterfowl, and past fine sandy beaches. 
  4. Feast on Föhr
    The North Sea island of Föhr is perfect for cycling. And the "Schlemmerpartie" bike tour is a particular tip for gourmets. On the 34 km long circular route past farm stores, quaint cafés, and idyllic picnic spots, you will get to know the green island. 
  5. Around Fehmarn Island
    Go on the 66 km long tour of Fehmarn (almost) entirely along the coast. From the starting point in Lemkenhafen, you pass lighthouses, cycle over the Fehmarnsund Bridge, admire small harbours, and visit the Wallnau bird sanctuary. Once you have made it around the island, you can end the day back in Lemkenhafen on the "field sofas" with a great sea view. 

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The most beautiful bike routes for multi-day tours across Germany

Do you love to spend every free minute on your bike - even your vacations? Then the following bike tours in various corners of Germany are guaranteed to have something for everyone.

  1. Enjoying the sea air on the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route
    If a tour around the island of Fehmarn is not enough, then the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route is the right choice for you. There's a good reason why this is one of the most popular bike tours in Germany. The 438 km long route is a bit hilly from time to time, but ideally developed and, therefore, suitable for all cyclists. From the Flensburg Fjord on the Danish border, the coastal tour takes you to Lübeck-Travemünde. 
  2. Along the border on the Vennbahn railroad cycling path
    The Vennbahn between Aachen and Troisvierges in the north of Luxembourg is one of the longest railroad cycling routes in Europe. 128 km long, it lets you cross the border between Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg more than a dozen times. You will cycle through the low mountain range duo Eifel-Ardennes, through forests and moors, and past impressive bridges and castles. If you want to discover even more of West Germany, you can also start in Gerolstein and ride the 310km Venn-Eifel-Mosel loop, which connects the Vennbahn with the Moselle and Eifel-Ardennes cycle paths. 
  3. Three loops on the water bike paths through Upper Bavaria
    The Wasser-Radlwege, established in 2018, will lead you on a of 1,200 km path through Upper Bavaria. The route is divided into three sub-routes, each characterised by a regional feature. The northern loop is all about hops and beer, the southeastern loop is all about salt, and the southwestern loop focuses on art and culture. All three tours start in Munich. And on each route, special water experiences are your constant companion. 
  4. Past 100 castles in the Münsterland region
    If you're a fan of castles and palaces, you'll get your money's worth on the 310 km long bike trail in the western Münsterland region. On the flat, green bike tour, castles, old manor houses, and charming towns alternate. Here you will experience a true journey through time on the saddle. 
  5. Four-star cycle paths on the Allgäu Cycle Route
    The Allgäu Cycle Route has been awarded a four-star status by the ADFC (German Cyclists' Federation). Over 475 km, the route takes you against the impressive backdrop of the Alps through eight adventure worlds. It has a lot to offer both adults and children. The bike circuit can be ridden in nine variants, so that you can choose between easy and challenging tours depending on your physical condition. 

You see: Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to cycling tours. If your fingers are tingling now and you want to plan your next bike trip, then take a look at this article. Here we have compiled the most practical apps that you can use to plan your own routes.