20 bicycle locks in the test

The Luko team tested 20 bicycle locks costing between 15 and 130 euros for their stability in the event of attempted theft. Results here!

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The Luko team tested 20 bicycle locks costing between 15 and 130 Euros for their stability in the event of attempted theft. We have the result! Ten of the locks could be broken in less than a minute using conventional tools; only five locks offered adequate resistance but they too were broken.

According to 2018 crime statistics, around 800 bicycles are stolen every day in Germany; the police reported almost 292,000 bicycle thefts. Most thieves cannot be stopped by a lock. But, the more effort thieves have to put into cracking a lock, the higher the chance they'll give up. 

That's why we put 20 bicycle locks from nine different manufacturers in different price categories to the test. How long can a lock withstand an attempted theft using bolt cutters and other tools? In addition to measuring the time it takes to break the lock, we counted the number of tools it would take. To help you make a decision about what lock to buy, we've summarized the results in a ranking.

Six seconds for a folding lock; over four minutes for a steel-textile lock

It only took six seconds and a bolt cutter to break into the Baytter folding lock (priced around € 22). The € 25 ABUS Catena chain lock held out exactly one second longer. Two additional locks priced between 35 and 85 Euros could be cracked in under a minute. In general, folding locks did not do particularly well and ended up at the bottom of our ranking.

The most difficult lock to break was the Eyelet from the manufacturer Tex-Lock. Costing around € 110, the Eylet took our "thief" over four minutes to try to break. He finally had to admit defeat after using the flex, a carpet knife, and a saw. About four minutes were also needed for the shackle-wire lock Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 and the shackle-lock Kryptonite New York Lock. All results, including videos, are available (in German) on our Bike lock tests page.

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