An expat's life in Germany

From finding an apartment to finding an English-speaking doctor, from paying taxes to the mighty German health insurance system, all of your questions – and probably some questions you didn’t even know you should be asking – will be answered here. So, sit back, relax and enjoy. We’ve got you covered.

Articles in Expats in Germany

6 lesser known German words that say it all

Between harsh sounds, never-ending words and articles that feel like moving targets, German is a notoriously difficult language to learn. However, its lego-like structure also has its perks, notably the fact that a term seems to exist for EVERYTHING. Here are some of German’s lesser known but finest expressions, that are worth learning even if you’re just passing through. Beware, they could change the way you think forever.

Emergency numbers in Germany

You’ve settled into your new life here in Germany. Everything is Bier and Bratwurst, and negative thoughts are the furthest thing from your mind. But… what would happen if there was an emergency? Who would you call? How would it work? In this article, we answer the questions we hope you’ll never have to ask.

How to protect your apartment from burglars

The good news is that the number of burglaries in Germany is decreasing - and around half of all burglary attempts fail. Unfortunately, that means around 50% succeed and you could be in the unlucky half. Read on to find out what you can do to protect yourself and your belongings from burglars.

Sex, shoplifting and survival in the age of Corona

Even though you might be feeling a bit sorry for yourself right now, spare a thought for others who might be a bit worse off than you. In our lighthearted look at life during Corona, we also explore some advantages of being housebound and useful ways you could be spending your time.

What is the best German bank account for me?

Feeling nervous about opening a German bank account? In a German bank? In German? Worry not – it’s not such a big deal. Aside from the titan German banks, there are even purely online options available these days – in English. This might sound like a fairy tale but trust us, it’s true. So, stop with the nerves and start reading!