An expat's life in Germany

From finding an apartment to finding an English-speaking doctor, from paying taxes to the mighty German health insurance system, all of your questions – and probably some questions you didn’t even know you should be asking – will be answered here. So, sit back, relax and enjoy. We’ve got you covered.

Articles in Expats in Germany

Public Transport in Berlin

A bit confused by the Berlin public transport system? Not sure what ticket to buy, how to buy it, or even what zone you’re in? What about your dog? Your bike? Your kids? Can they travel with you? We answer your most pressing questions here!

What's the best neighbourhood in Berlin?

That’s a big question and there is no simple answer. Telling someone which neighbourhood they should like is a bit like telling someone which food they should like! The good news is that, in Berlin, there’s truly something for everyone so whatever your dreams, budget or life stage, we’ve done our best to help you decide what’s right for you.

Health insurance: which one is right for me?

In Germany, health insurance isn’t “health” insurance; it’s “sick” insurance - Krankenversicherung. With that (pretty useless) piece of trivia out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of German health insurance – how it works, how you get it, how much it costs… All the information you need is right here!

An Interview with the German Language

Oh, German Language, why do you have to be so maddeningly, endearingly difficult? That’s one question you’ve probably asked yourself over and over again. Bestselling author, Adam Fletcher, had a few questions of his own, and managed to score an interview with the lofty German Language to get some answers.

Lost your keys? How not to get ripped off

Heard horror stories about people being ripped off by locksmiths? Unfortunately, it does happen as Linda O’Grady, co-author of “From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom” found out. So that the same thing doesn’t happen to you, read our 4-point guide to finding a reputable locksmith at the end of the article.