An expat's life in Germany

From finding an apartment to finding an English-speaking doctor, from paying taxes to the mighty German health insurance system, all of your questions – and probably some questions you didn’t even know you should be asking – will be answered here. So, sit back, relax and enjoy. We’ve got you covered.

Articles in Expats in Germany

How to get a job in Germany

Fancy moving to Germany? Relocating for work is one of the best ways to begin your expat chapter in any country. In this post, we will try to answer a mammoth-sized question - “how to find a job in Germany”.

By Luko

What's the best neighbourhood in Berlin?

That’s a big question and there is no simple answer. Telling someone which neighbourhood they should like is a bit like telling someone which food they should like! The good news is that, in Berlin, there’s truly something for everyone so whatever your dreams, budget or life stage, we’ve done our best to help you decide what’s right for you.

By Luko

How to navigate the German insurance landscape

What types of insurance must you have? What types of insurance should you have? How do you go about getting it and how much does it cost? All excellent questions and all answered here in our helpful overview of insurance in Germany!

By Luko

Lost your keys? How not to get ripped off

Heard horror stories about people being ripped off by locksmiths? Unfortunately, it does happen as Linda O’Grady, co-author of “From the Bürgeramt to the Bedroom” found out. So that the same thing doesn’t happen to you, read our 4-point guide to finding a reputable locksmith at the end of the article.

By Luko

What's the best way to learn German?

Herzlich Willkommen in Deutschland! If you don’t know what that means, you definitely need to read this article. Your life here will be infinitely easier if you learn (at least a little of) the language, and we provide you with some tips on how to do just that here.

By Luko

How to recycle like a German

Black bin, blue bin, yellow bin, brown bin... welcome to the world of rainbow recycling in Germany. Most foreigners are baffled by the waste separation rules when they first arrive so if you want to be a good German, not bug your neighbours and get ahead of the expat pack, read on!

By Luko